Gosky 1.25 Inch Telescope Light Pollution Filter

Model Number: GOLP001

Price: $28

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1.25 Inch Telescope Light Pollution Filter


  • Improve the visibility of deep sky objects by blocking out the mercury vapor, sodium vapor, and other such emission lines from man-made or natural sources which contribute to light pollution
  • Improves contrast on reddish planetary detail. Works well in telescopes of all apertures
  • The filter will fit all standard sized 1.25″ eyepieces and accessories. Can be threaded on both sides for stacking with other filters if necessary
  • Comes with sturdy plastic case-proect the eyepiece from dust and moisture
  • Mounted in a nicely anodized housing

Type: Light Pollution filter
Main Dimension :1.25 inch
Weight: 1.05oz
Diametre :30mm
Package Include:
1 X Light Pollution filter
1 X Sturdy plastic case

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